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Unlike most piano dealers PIANOTEK is technician/craftsmen owned and operated. Our entire staff are either currently or formally employed by Steinway. We offer one of the the largest selections of the highest quality rebuilt and used Steinway pianos in the NYC Metro area, at the lowest prices in the 50 states. and we ONLY use new, genuine Steinway action parts in our restorations. We are always intensely comfortable with any qualified technician confirming our quality value and price.

We also offer pre owned, like-new and made for the American market Yamaha pianos of the highest quality available as well as “grey market” Yamaha pianos endorsed and recommended in “The Piano Book” by Larry Fine. Virtually all of our competitors used Yamaha piano stock does not meet this criteria.

 Pianos of The Highest Quality, Best Value and Price in the 50 States! TECHNICIAN/CRAFTSMEN OWNED and OPERATED Est. 1979



We Carry an Incredibly Broad Inventory of Like-New Steinway and Yamaha Pianos… and We Also Specialize in The Restoration of Most Other Pianos as Well as in The Purchasing or Consigning of Your Own Steinway, Yamaha, Kawai, Boston, or Mason Hamlin Piano.

The Pianotek Company offers the highest prices paid for old Steinway, Boston, Yamaha and Kawai pianos anywhere. If you’re disappointed with offers you have already received from our competitors, please give us a call. We can make you significantly happier! We are also interested in other pianos as well, and especially those of interesting wood finishes and design.

Visit The Pianotek Company in 257 Broadway, Huntington Station, NY 11746 or call today at 631-547-1078 for a free price quote, either to sell or consign your piano at no obligation now!



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Hundreds and hundreds of satisfied clients all say the same thing… for value, quality and customer service, Pianotek has created a “Grand & Upright” reputation among professionals, consumers, and teachers around the world.

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