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Pianotek offers the best selection of renewed Steinway and Yamaha pianos on Long Island. Listen to our pianos before coming to our store. If you seek better piano value and quality in New York City, Brookyn, Connecticut, Westchester, New Jersey, and Manhattan, Pianotek is the intelligent alternative to the fancy high rent piano stores. Why settle for piano mediocrity when you can own like new, piano superiority and at a fraction of the price. We offer the very best pianos from the very best names in pianos including Steinway, Yamaha, Boston  and Kawai, all pre owned, all restored and/or renewed, warranted and offered at a fraction of the price of the same piano new. Devoid of salespeople our entire staff is comprised of the most seasoned and talented piano technicians and craftsmen in the area who are here to assist you in making the correct decision in choosing the right piano that will truly impress and inspire the pianist in you. Much of our Steinway piano restorations are done right here in our warehouse. We'll be more than happy to show you around and kick the tires as they say.  In addition we offer iPod and iPad capable QRS Music Pianomation & Piano Disc player systems.  Piano Life Saver humidity control system installation is also available here. Flexible financing is available through Allegro Acceptance to qualified buyers. We also offer worldwide our superior piano accessories including piano benches, custom piano benches adjustable piano benches, piano covers, custom piano bench cushions, piano polish and much more from the most respected manufacturers in the piano accessory business like GRK, Janssen and Schaff.

Financing Available Through Allegro Acceptance.

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